KENZOのニューシグネチャーバッグ TALIのニューカラーが登場


KENZOのニューシグネチャーバッグ TALIのニューカラーが登場

幸運のシンボル、EYEのモチーフが印象的なKENZOのニューシグネチャーバッグ TALIのニューカラーが登場しました。

KENZO TALI特設モバイルサイトで、あなたにぴったりのTALIを見つけてください。

開催期間: 2019.09.20- 2019.10.08

A symbol of good fortune, with its signature eye motif, our KENZO TALI bags now come in a variety of new colors.

The name “TALI” comes from the word Talisman, which is an object that has spiritual powers and brings good fortune.
Our TALI bag is crafted with premium leather, and comes in various materials and colors.

Each TALI bag holds its spiritual meaning, and will be introduced by influencers all across Asia, including AMIAYA.

Find the perfect TALI for you by accessing the KENZO TALI dedicated mobile site.

TALI Campaign
Until October 8th(Tue), customers who make a store visit reservation from the TALI dedicated mobile site and also make a purchase from their store visit, will receive an exclusive insulated tumbler. (Please note that quantity is limited.)
Event Period: September 20th, 2019 to October 8th, 2019